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-This is a volunteer /low-budget project

Goals: Festivals, awards, feature film deal, develop a series of Independent web-movies based on The Shifters and develop a fan following. Gain visibility for our names and talent. 


Commodity Productions, Semone Fournillier and Ami Blackwelder are acting distributors. 

Goals: Netflix, Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, many national film festivals, producers, directors and investors, Orlandofilm. 

We also have CG connections at Lucas Films, Stargate Films, Pixar, Pixelloid of India, and Digital Minds of Spain. 

Some of our CG have worked on projects such as Titanic, Avengers, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and more. 

THE SHIFTERS is a volunteer/low-budget project. If you'd like to be involved and have skills in CG or art, please contact the production manager. 


With a team of amazing people THE SHIFTERS film project is on its feet as of summer of 2012 and will release summer of 2015. 

What is THE SHIFTERS film project? It is an indie short film based upon the novel The Shifters of 2040.

What will be the Film's style? Full Computer Generated Imagery in realistic fashion by some of the amazing talent in the CG industry. 

Length? A n indie short film. 

Our Goals? To showcase our talent to directors, producers and indie festivals around the world, win awards and ultimately inspire investors to produce a full length feature film of THE SHIFTERS. 

This is a film you will not want to miss. With romance, action, sacrifice, passion, betrayal, and more this is a story that will stay with you long after it is over...

Please join us in our adventure and donate to our cause to accomplish this goal. Any donation is appreciated!


          The Shifters' CG:

Production Manager- Ami Blackwelder
VFX Creative Director-Ami Blackwelder
VFX Assistant Director-Syrena Edmonds
VFX Consultant- Aine Graham 
VFX Final Edits- Stephen John Ellis

Lead Editor-Stephen Ellis
Editing Team: Syrena Edmonds,  Kunal Sagar
Audio Editor- Chris Scheidies, Walied (sound effects)

Animation/VFX Supervisor- Syrena Edmonds Ami Blackwelder, & Stephen John Ellis
Animation Model Modifier: Kunal Sagar, Senthil Kumar, Surajit Sen,  Joaquin Jimenez, Sourabh Brahme
Animating Team- Turker Mutlu, Kunal Sagar, Caroline Damian, Tristan Krout, Sourabh Brahme

Animation Testing- ALL 
FX/Dynamics Consultant- Andrew Media
FX/Dynamics Lead- Senthil Kumar
FX/Dynamics Artist -Senthil Kumar, Mahesh Patel, Jason Brown,  Sunil FX, Max Zeta, Surajit Sen
JITTER Cloth Simulation Effects: Kunal Sagar and Senthil Kumar
Hair Simulation Effects (maya plug-in): Kunal Sagar and Jason Brown
Fur and Feather Simulation: Jason Brown and Kunal Sagar
Cloth Simulation: Kunal Sagar and Senthil Kumar
Morph Supervisor: Ami Blackwelder
Morph Consultant: Trae Kingsley
Morph LEAD: Kunal Sagar
Morph Team: Turker Mutlu, David Heizer, Senthil Kumar, David Ricardo Rodriguez
Flare Effects: Nick Stocker, Turker Mutlu, KS, Trae Kingsley, Steve Villalobos 
Forest and Downtown FX- Surajit Sen

Rigging Supervisor-Stephen John Ellis
Problem Solve Rigs- KS, Senthil Kumar, Juan Castillo, Sourabh Brahme, Muhammad Adel Zain El-Deen, Caroline Damiano, Joaquin Jimenez
Rigging Lead: Senthil Kumar
Rigging Team: Senthil Kumar & KS

MoCap Supervisor- Syrena Edmonds/Stephen John Ellis/Ami Blackwelder
MoCap Studio (Program: ipiSoft with Kinect Cameras) MAYA @ Stetson Studios/Stephen John Ellis
Animation Server Dailies-Heath Jepson
Animation Shot Management-Syrena Edmonds, Ami Blackwelder, Stephen John Ellis
MoCap Team: Syrena Edmonds, Stephen John Ellis

Rendering Lead: Stephen John Ellis
Rendering- Stephen John Ellis
Render Farm (Program: Muster) MAYA @ Stetson Studios/Stephen John Ellis

Lighting Consultant -Brian Mullen 
Lighting Lead-Praful Arora
Lighting Color Key -Ruby Perez
Lighting-Praful Arora
Forest and Downtown Lighting- Surajit Sen
SCM Experiment Room and Bathroom Lighting- Albert Awuah

Compositing Consultant- Andrew Media
Compositing Lead- Jason Brown
Compositing Team-Joaquin Jimenez, David Heizer, Jason Brown, Heba Hassan, Praful Arora, Trae Kingsley, Henry Caballero, David Ricardo Rodriguez, Max Zeta, Syrena Edmonds
Forest and Downtown Composites- Surajit Sen
Shifter Composites
Morphing Composities

Matte Painting (Downtown City) - Angel Cusme
Matte Painting edits- Kunal sagar 
Layout (Downtown) Artists: Ami Blackwelder & Abhishek Sharma & KS
Film Intro & Ending-Ami Blackwelder &  Stephen John Ellis
Tech Support- Heath Jepson
Digital Cinema Packaging- Heath Jepson
File Conversions/File Fixes- Ami Blackwelder, David Heizer, KS, Abhishek Sharma, Heath Jepson 
File Approvals: Syrena Edmonds, Ami Blackwelder, KS, Aine Graham, Angel Cusme, Juan Castillo
Animatics- Stephen John Ellis, Syrena Edmonds, Ami Blackwelder, Waleed El Madawy


1) Stephen John Ellis -SCM Holding cell model

2) Allyse Scott -SCM Hallway model

3) Elliottness A. Valentin -Phone Cell, Pistol model

4) Sean Kennedy- Outer Hover Station model

5) Henry Caballero  -SCM Holding Cell textures, Governor Mansion exterior textures, SCM Hanger textures, SCM Cafe textures

6) Ravi Verma- Melissa clothing, Melissa Model

7) David Ricardo Rodriguez- Forests, Cell phone model, Wrist cell, Reporter model, General Character models

8) Yeasin Molla-Josephine textures, Soldier/Keenan modifications

9) Albert Fenyin Awuah -Hover Train, Inner Hover Station 

10) Steve Villalobos -SCM Cafe model, SCM Hanger model, Rooftop model

11) Raymond R Scott, Jr -SCM Lab, SCM Experimentation Room, SCM Bathroom, Melissa's exterior house model & textures

12) James John Wrigley -Auditorium, Paints, Backpacks, Snowballs, Water Pitcher, Cup, Bassinet, Umbrella, Microphones, Cameras, Governor Mansion Hallway/Dining textures

13) Adam Flores -Orphanage Exterior, Orphanage 1st Floor, Orphanage Nursery, Keenan Face

14) Nick Stocker -Rooftop textures

15) Sunil Chinta- Sunglasses

16) Nathan Kawalec -SCM Office models

17) Aine Graham- Cars

18) Abhishek Sharma-Downtown textures, Downtown layout, Outer Hover Station textures, Melissa layout, SCM Office textures, Cage, SCM Garbage Bags, Civilian Gun, Syringe, Camera Hat, Teddy bear, Composition 

19) Giacomo Bergamo -SCM Base exterior

20) Paul M. Rudewics  -Melissa's Bathroom model

21) Oscar Anchondo- SCM Holding Cell textures, SCM Hallway textures

22)  Phillip Guerrero -Wolf, Bear, Panther

23) David Heizer- Shifter Form model, textures

24) Angel Villacis Cusme- Hawk models, Shifter Baby Twins

25) KS -Dumpster, Rocks, Bottles, Cans, Dining Set, Melissa's Living Room textures, Melissa's Bedroom textures, Melissa's Nursery Room textures, Melissa's Bathroom Textures, Lane textures, Joelle, Claire, Clay, Diamond/Demri, Brendan, Cellphone textures, Stark face, Raul face, Marn face, Hawk textures, SCM hanger textures, Soldier/Keenan enhancements, 4 car textures, McKaine, Bruce, Melissa modifications, Attendant textures, Reporter textures, Josephine modifications, 3 caged kids, downtown streets, 12 BG People, Shifter Form textures 

26) Ankit Tat-Melissa's Bedroom model, Melissa's Living Room model, Melissa's Nursery Room model

27) Fahad Maverick-Downtown models

28) David Stark- Governor Dining Room model, Governor Hallway model, Governor Mansion exterior model

30) Helen Rosinoff- Lane model

31) Jaydip More- Baby Shifter Twin model 

32) Keraressi Abdelkarim-  Pistol textures

33) Hugo Iván Haro Rivera- Cloned Soldiers 1-20, Stark Body, Raul Body, Marn Body, Keenan Body

34) Pravin Kushwah - Josephine model

35) Raj@ Pixelloid Studios of India- SCM Office textures

36) Praveen Pandey- Dumpster model and textures


Syrena Edmonds/Ami Blackwelder-Animatics

Angel Villacis Cusme -Character Concepts

Ken Anthony- Character Concepts/Sheet Modeling 

Kelly-Anne Salazar -Character Concepts/Sheet Modeling/ Costume CG Consultant

Ray Richardson-Storyboard/Environment Concept Artist  

Ami Blackwelder- Shifter Brochure, Trailer, Poster

Ruby Perez Art Assistant (concept art), Storyboard (animatics), matte painting (city shot)  

Sound Effects:
Ami Blackwelder
Stephen John Ellis
Chris Scheidies
Hugo Iván Haro Rivera

Music Composer:    
Leon Salem    


RAUL- Ryan Roberts 
REPORTER- Melissa Dillion
BRUCE- Karan Khokar 
MELISSA- Sacia Mullins 
MARN-  Jonathan Ward 
LANE-  Taylor Korin 
JOSEPHINE-  Shari roberts   
DIAMOND-  Randee Pitkin   
DEMRI- Randee Pitkin     
#12-  Ken Anthony 
#15-  David Koepfinger
JOELLE-  Beth Damiano 
ATTENDANT-  Melissa Dillion  
BRENDAN-  Jonathan Ward
KEENAN #13-  Jonathan Ward 
CLAY- Leon Salem
CLAIRE-  Beth Damiano
GEN STARK- Ken Anthony
GOV McKAINE-Cliff Cespedes

Author: Ami Blackwelder
Executive Producers: Ami Blackwelder, Ryan Blackwelder, Beverly Blackwelder, Biju Blackwelder
Production Manager: Ami Blackwelder
Production Assistant: Karan Khokar
Screenwriter: Semone Fournillier
Script Supervisors: Semone Fournillier and Ami Blackwelder
Assistant Script Supervisor: Suzie Walia
Costume CG Consultant: Kelly-Anne Salazar
Voice Over Studio Engineer: Stephen John Ellis

Special Thanks:
Voice Over Studio/MoCap Studio/Render Farm Studio: 
Stephen John Ellis @ Stetson University 
421 N. Woodland Blvd. *DeLand, Florida 32723

Commodity Films


Rendered Images: KS

MarketingAsmaa Hussain, Walied

Brochure-Ami Blackwelder,  Ruby Perez 

Trailer-Ami Blackwelder 

Posters-Ami Blackwelder, KS,  Ruby Perez 

The Shifters Website @ http://shifterevolutions.blogspot.com  -Ami Blackwelder

Shifter FB, Shifter Twitter- Ami Blackwelder

The Shifters Interactive Website @  http://theshifters.dssrv.com  -Heath Jepson 

Special Thanks to: Syrena Edmonds, Stephen John Ellis, KS, Muhammad Adel Zain El-Deen, David, Heizer, Abhishek Sharma, Aine Graham, Heath Jepson, Russell Hess @ Commodity Films

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